Elvio Dos Santos, known in Capoeira as Mestrando Tigrão, was born in Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil. He began training Capoeira at the age of 11 years and has not stopped since, continuing to train and improve in all aspects of Capoeira, and constantly searching for new techniques.

Throughout the years, Mestrando Tigrão's gift for teaching has become evident. Through his profession, Tigrão demonstrates his philosophy of life and his love for this Brazilian martial art. He has participat...

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Marcos da Silva, Mestre Barrão, was born in the port city of Recife, on the North East coast of Brazil. Recife is renowned for its Brazilian music and dance, and its long Capoeira tradition. In 1974, Marcos began studying Capoeira with Mestre Pirajá. While learning the foundations of the art, he showed an affinity for the drums and other instruments as well as the skills that would conduct his life. After three years of training with Mestre Pirajá, who eventually left on sabbatical, Mar...

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Monique Greenwood Santos, known in capoeira as Pitanga, has been training and performing Capoeira and Brazilian dance for over 10 years under the instruction of Contra-Mestre Tigrão (São Paulo, Brazil). Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Monique first came in contact with Capoeira while traveling in Brazil and fell in love with the combination of martial art, music, history and physical expression. Upon returning to Canada, she joined Contra-Mestre Tigrão in Calgary and continues to teach...

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Fil Torres came to Canada from León, Mexico in 2007 and began his Capoeira training in Calgary under the instruction of Contra-Mestre Tigrão (São Paulo, Brazil) in 2008. Kanguru, as Fil is known in Capoeira, has taught kids and adult classes at various locations in Calgary, including workshops in Spanish. With Axé Capoeira, Kanguru has performed Capoeira,  Brazilian dances, and music, at festivals and demonstrations. He is planning on taking a fitness trainer's program in...

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